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Table 4 Frequency of Mazza taxonomy strategies used in included studies

From: Effectiveness of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies on health care professionals’ behaviour and patient outcomes in the cancer care context: a systematic review

 Random sequence generation (selection bias)Allocation concealment (selection bias)Blinding of participants and personnel (performance bias)Blinding of outcome assessment (detection bias)Incomplete outcome data (attrition bias)Selective reporting (reporting bias)Other bias
Aspy et al. [28]
Ayanian et al. [29]
Burack et al. [31]
Carney et al. [32]
Du Pen et al. [35]
Du Pen et al. [36]
Emery et al. [37]
Ferreira et al. [38]
Ganz et al. [39]
Gorin et al. [40]
Hillman et al. [41]
Kerfoot et al. [43]
Lane et al. [45]
Ling et al. [46]
Manfredi et al. [47]
McDonald et al. [48]
Myers et al. [27]
Myers et al. [26]
Ornstein et al. [49]
Rat et al. [53]
Roila et al. [56]
Sequist et al. [57]
Walsh et al. [58]
Wright et al. [67]