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Table 3 Non-participant observation checklist

From: Improving physician hand hygiene compliance using behavioural theories: a study protocol

Observation of the environmental context of interactions Observation of the process of the interaction
Who is present during the interaction? Who speaks to whom and about what? (i.e., the auditor and physician interaction)
Physical space (use a diagram to depict the set up of space and how people, patients and sinks/alcohol hand rub dispensers are positioned in that space) How are concerns responded to?
Describe how patient care is delivered in the setting (i.e., is this a shared room? Are other patients receiving care at the same time?) Are the physicians receiving feedback from the auditors?
Location of the auditor in relation to the physician being observed If feedback is given, how do the physicians respond?
Describe the length of the interaction Whenever possible, capture verbatim accounts between individuals present