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Table 2 Behavioural constructs

From: IMPLEmenting a clinical practice guideline for acute low back pain evidence-based manageMENT in general practice (IMPLEMENT): Cluster randomised controlled trial study protocol

Domains Explanation Domain measured for behaviour
   X-ray1 Activity2
Behavioural intention3 Whether the GP intends to engage in the behaviour.   
Attitude4 Whether the GP is in favour of performing the behaviour.   
Subjective norm4 How much the GP feels social pressure to engage in the behaviour.   
Perceived behavioural control4 Whether the GP feels in control of the behaviour.   
Beliefs about capabilities Whether the GP is confident in performing the behaviour.
Beliefs about professional role Whether the GP feels it is their professional responsibility to perform the behaviour.
Knowledge Whether the GP has knowledge of the behaviour.
Memory Whether the GP remembers to perform the behaviour.
Environmental context Whether the GP feels the environmental context supports performance of the behaviour.
  1. 1 Managing patients without referral for plain x-ray.
  2. 2 Providing advice to stay active.
  3. 3 Domain measured using generalised method (e.g., by asking GPs about their strength of intention to perform the behaviour) and performance method (e.g., asking GPs about how often they intend to perform the behaviour).
  4. 4 Domain measured directly (e.g., by asking GPs about their overall attitude) and indirectly (e.g., by asking about specific behavioural beliefs).
  5. Details of the number of items measuring each domain, for each behaviour, and measures of reliability and validity of the constructs are available in the full protocol.